Ah, the poor blog. One of these days

Ah, the poor blog. One of these days I’m going to figure out something to regularly post about, but for now, I’ll continue with the occasional update on where I’m at. I expect this will be different at that point that I get another book out…which is my ongoing effort at the moment. The draft of the first Harbortown book is finally done. Yay! 120k of crime, a little romance, and emotional unraveling. Now it sits for a bit while I work on the proposal for a new story for my agent to shop around as my current one, another Urban Fantasy story, is now eight months out there in publishing land with only 3 rejections out of eight submissions. Never said this business was quick, that’s for sure.

So, this new proposal is being worked on with the idea that the current one is dying a slow death and being shuffled to the possibility of e-press or self-publishing. It’s a time-travel story, about a woman from the future unwittingly sent back to medieval England in order to stop a current war from happening, by altering the past and completely changing the course of history. This story will actually be more about how things change than the change itself, i.e. what could happen when someone with knowledge far beyond the 15th century world gets placed in a position of influence. The answer? Fun stuff! Will see how it goes. I have a 100 pages to write and then will see what my agent can do with it. Then, it’s back to editing Harbortown, which might end up being my first foray into self-publishing, and then? That remains to be seen. I’ll have two unfinished proposals I could finish or I could go back to Nick and Jackie and do the next Deadworld book. We’ll just have to wait and see. Happy reading/writing everyone!

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