Agent Blog Redesign

Agent Nathan Bransford (my agent and a really great guy to boot) has redesigned his blog and added, wait for it…discussion forums. Hop over and check out the coolness!


Fun writing contest

Fun contest once again at Nathan Bransford’s blog. Pit your first paragraph against others and win a critique, a galley for one of his client’s books (The Secret Year), or you know…getting to say you won the thing. Click over to Nathan’s blog to play.

Issues in Publishing-Editor’s Perspective

This is a very well-written piece on publishing from a former editor. Must read material for all you writers out there.

Angela James moves to QuartetPress

As if Quartet Press didn’t need more startup buzz about their coming line of romance ebooks, they announced yesterday that Angela James, Editorial Director at Samhain Publishing (one of the top e-presses for romance) has taken up a similar post at Quartet. Really, really wish I wrote romance. This company is going to be really interesting and fun to watch get off the ground. I have high expectations!

New Link

Interesting new blog added to the links “Pimp My Novel” from the perspective of someone in a publishing house about things that happen to the novel after it’s in their hands.

Is Publishing About to be Disrupted?

Interesting thoughts from Kristen Nelson in reference to an article about the looming disruption of scientific writing and how it parallels the regular publishing industry. Click her link to check it out!

More BEA roundup

Nice litte roundup from a BEA panel talking about ebooks and things publishers should be doing. Also, bit about new ISBN number. Apparently there’s a new prefix for 13 digit isbn’s which may cause some issues for those relying on 10 digit isbn’s as some numbers will start to repeat. Check it out at: