Should you get an editor?

Some good thoughts by the fabulous Moonrat on when/why/how you might need/want editing services before you submit. Click her link to read.

My personal opinion. Learning to edit is just as important as learning to craft a good story. Take classes, read books, talk to pros, and find a decent crit group. I really don’t think you need to pay for editing.


Netflixing ebooks

Had a thought today, which I’m sure others have as well. We are heading toward subscriptions for ebooks. People who read a lot on mobile devices will love the notion of paying monthly fee for being able to download titles. Netflix for books. Netbooks. This is going to be a fine interplay between volume and price. How much will readers pay per book on a monthly basis? Ten bucks on netflix gets you four movies. There is a tangible book version of netflix out there. You get your book and send it back when your done. This obviously can’t work with an ebook. You can’t exactly send it back. It could however, expire. You basically would buy the right to download and read a book for a set amount of time, after which it would expire and no longer be accessible.  Question of pricing. Lots of people like to keep there books around to reread. They aren’t going to pay $10 for an ebook that is only good for one read. So what would be a price point to make ‘one and done’  workable?  Ten a month for four downloads? Twenty a month for ten? Obviously the price point has to make the publisher money, has to make the subscription company money, has to make the author money. Of course pubs would do well to cut out the middle man and offer this option themselves.

Tip for publicity

Useful twitter links

Jane Friedman always posts up good twitter links for writers on fridays. Always worth checking out. Click on her link to see.

Conference Tips

Some wise and useful words from Jenny Bent on attending conferences and being heard. Click her link to read about it.

Some authors on writing

Some very thoughtful tips from a slew of pubbed writers, 25 in all, on plot, character, dialogue, etc. over at:

Definitely worth checking out.

The Bransford Compilation

Nathan Bransford, master of the agent blog, has created a wonderful reference to the prior posts he has had regarding the writing process. Must reading for aspiring writers.