Agent Blog Redesign

Agent Nathan Bransford (my agent and a really great guy to boot) has redesigned his blog and added, wait for it…discussion forums. Hop over and check out the coolness!


The Word on POD

Really, really great article on POD by Victoria Strauss. If you’ve considered self-publishing, this is a must read. MUST!

Some useful twitter feeds for writers

Galleycat has curated their twitter into useful feed lists by category for writers. Definitely worth checking out.


A post on my own methods for plotting my stories. Take from it what you will.

The Craziness of Hollywood

Interesting and entertaining article at the Murderati blog about the insanity of getting things done in Hollywood.

Fun writing contest

Fun contest once again at Nathan Bransford’s blog. Pit your first paragraph against others and win a critique, a galley for one of his client’s books (The Secret Year), or you know…getting to say you won the thing. Click over to Nathan’s blog to play.

Positive and Negative Space

Great post from author Toni McGee-Causey over on the Murderati blog relating architectural thoughts to writing.