I created this blog as a way to provide a central point for checking out publishing industry blogs as well as a place to discuss what’s going on within the publishing blogosphere, and hopefully provide a useful stopping off point for writers wanting to peruse publishing industry blogs. I’ll also be first to say that this blog is very light on the non-fiction side of things, so if you know some good blogs for that area of writing, please feel free to provide links. On a side note, given that there are sooo many author blogs out there, I will be selective in the ones I link here, tending toward ones that focus on talking about writing and the industry as opposed to being more about pr for their own writing (nothing wrong with that, mind you).

I’m in that class that considers itself the ‘struggling writer.’ I peruse the blogosphere to try and learn more about the industry and hopefully make myself a better writer and more likely to publish. I know a lot of writers are in the same boat. I hope that folks will find this a useful place and participate in discussion and the effort to build a more comprehensive list of links that people will want to use.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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