The Debut Club

I had another random publishing idea today, regarding new ways for publishers to incorporate the use if digital content as a means to stimulate print demand. I read in an article today about a notion I had myself a couple weeks ago, that print publishers might begin to debut new authors in digital format prior to putting them out in print, as a way to build hype and test the waters so to speak. This got me thinking. Why don’t publishers offer up a subscription based program to allow people to access debut authors works for free? I don’t have an ereader, but if I did, I know that I would be tempted to subscribe to one or more of the big pubs for a monthly fee if I could gain early access to new authors prior to print publication. The subscription would give me a price break, as long as I made regular use of it, and there’s the incentive of getting to see content ‘early,’ which is always fun. Anyway, just a thought. What are yours?

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