Welcome to the Pubbloghub!

This blog is all about publishing blogs. The purpose here is to build a healthy list of links to folks in the publishing industry who are active in the blogosphere, and to discuss what is going on around the publishing blogosphere. I’ll be the first to admit that I do not know even close to all of the useful blog links out there. Anyone who has one that thinks it should be added to the list, should post a link. This goes for Twitter as well. Lots of useful info to be learned by following the pros on Twitter. Links and discussion for this are located on this blog as well. Thanks for coming and hope you find some useful links!

I also hope to provide updates from around the publishing blogosphere as I find useful content, as well as my own tips and info that I gather during my surfing. On an ongoing basis, I hope to update folks on anything interesting going on as I find it, and expect that people who frequent the blog will comment with useful tidbits they find as well, whether it be interviews, new blogs, new agents/editors, etc. The focus here however is not to encompass the entire publishing industry but to center on those in the industry who are active in the blogging community.

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